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Flexible Heating Jackets

Flexible Heating Jackets


Integro's heating jackets are suitable to raise or maintain temperatures of the products in drums, vessels, tanks, and process instruments.

Heating jackets comprise of self- regulating heating cables fitted on a fiberglass cloth jacket. The jackets are per-insulated and fabricated to the shape of the equipment/vessel to be heated. Having self- regulating technology and fitted with thermostatic control, the jackets are safe, having long life and trouble free operation. The jackets are fitted with Velcro and belts for easy fitment and removal.


  • Self-regulating heating element
  • Available in 110 and 240VAC frequency range: 50-60Hz
  • Fitment: hook and loop fastener and Velcro
  • Moisture and oil resistant uniform heating, highly efficient, maintenance free, precise temperature control
  • Adaptability, long life, custom-built construction
  • Certifications: UL listed /ATEX approved, Baseefa certified self- regulating heating cable used in jackets.

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