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Drum Heater

Drum Heater - For Single Metallic Drum Heating

Integro drum heaters are suitable to raise temperatures of the products in drums, efficiently and clean.


Outer structure is made of CRCA/SS, cylindrical in shape and rugged construction. Pad type flexible heater having 80/20 nichrome wire as heating element is used. 50mm thick thermal insulation is provided to prevent the heat loss and to ensure that the outer structure of the drum is at low temperature for safe handling. Lid is provided to prevent the heat loss from the top. Castors are provided in the bottom for easy handling.


Uniform heating, highly efficient, low maintenance, precise temperature control, mechanically strong, coated with high temperature paint for CRCA construction.
Complete stainless steel units are also available and are highly recommended for use in corrosive areas, food and pharma applications.

Base Heater (Optional)

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Clamp on Type Drum Heaters

Stainless Steel Clamp on heaters are ideal for applications where short heat up times and high temperatures need to be achieved. A low watt density multiform heating element is designed to wrap around the outside of the drum, held on by a stainless steel band with quick release toggle fasteners. Clamp on heaters are lightweight, portable and can be moved from drum to drum with ease. If more heat is required, extra clamp on heaters can easily be fitted.

The clamp on heater is ideal for applications where the material or solution to heat cannot come into direct contact with the heating element. This makes them best suited for closed drum situations, e.g. Solvent

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Mobile Heated Drum Trolley

Suitable for applications where the 200 litre Standard drum is required to be mobile with its contents heated. Heavy duty construction ensures the easy mobility of heated drums.

As the drum is strapped down in the horizontal position, the contents can be easily transferred into smaller containers while the underside of the drum is still being heated by fully guarded low watt density heating elements.

The heated drum trolley is for materials such as bitumen, waxes, fat, grease, resin, syrups, honey, etc. where heat is required to create flow

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Drum Immersion Direct Heating

Drum immersion heaters are efficient and economical and are used where the solution, liquid or material can be heated with the element being in direct contact. Two installation designs are available.

The first is able to be inserted through the pouring hole at the top and the other fits straight into an open drum.

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