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Inline Heaters

Inline Heaters

Integro's in line heaters /circulation heaters are best suited and ideal for heating processing fluids that requires intermediate heating while maintaining a flow rate. In line heater simply transfers the heat generated from electrical power into the target fluid.


  • Efficient Heat Transfer
  • Ease of installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Compatible with industrial piping standards.
  • Wattage as per the process requirement.
  • Thermostatic control/RTD provided for precise temperature control.
  • Low Watt Density heaters used for longer life.
  • Heaters: Removable cartridge type heaters or tubular heaters.
  • Totally sealed weather-proof terminal box.
  • Custom Built.
  • Vessel material CS/SS
  • Safety valve provided to release excess pressure.
  • Drain provided for cleaning
  • Control panel (optional)
  • Available in voltages 415/230/110V
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