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Outflow Heaters

Outflow Heaters

Outflow Heaters are ideal for storage tanks/day tanks to draw viscous liquids / oils at a prerequisite temperature or controlled temperature. The liquid/oil coming out of the tank gets heated instantly and reduces load on the motor of the transfer pump. Fitted radically, removable cartridge type heaters are used for ease of operation which allows the inspection or replacement of heating element without draining the tank.


  • Efficient Heat Transfer
  • Ease of installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Wattage as per the process requirement
  • Thermostatic control/RTD provided for precise temperature control.
  • Low Watt Density heaters used for longer life.
  • Heaters: Removable cartridge type heaters
  • Totally sealed weather-proof terminal box.
  • Custom Built.
  • Vessel material CS/SS
  • Mating Flange (Optional)
  • Control panel (optional)
  • Available in voltages 415/230/110V
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