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An intelligent underfloor heating by Integro

Why floor heating?
With traditional central heating, air heated by the radiators rises. The result is that the hottest part of the room is the ceiling and the coldest is the floor, where the heat is actually needed. This is both very inefficient and wasteful but also uncomfortable to the body.
Conversely heated floors produce a much more comfortable environment with even heat distribution throughout the room. So the room may be controlled up to 2°C lower than for the traditional system, for equivalent levels of comfort.

Image titleBenefits from floor heating include:-

  • No more cold feet! more comfortable warmth
  • Uniform heat, where it is needed, distributed across the whole floor
  • Lower temperature set-point = greater energy efficiency
  • Invisible heat - no unsightly radiators
  • No high temperature surfaces - safer, particularly for older people
  • Gentle air circulation reduces airborne dust - a must for allergy/asthma sufferers
  • Dry floors eliminate fungi growth
  • Easier to keep clean

Underfloor heating can be provided by warm water pipes or electric cables installed in the floor. Integro's electrical solution will have approximately half the cost of an equivalent warm water system, is more easily installed and controlled, and, having no moving parts, is maintenance free.

With Self-regulating intelligent heating cables, for the first time, just one cable can be used for all floor-warming applications - whatever the floor surface, its construction, whether new build or retrofit, and whether for supplementary (comfort) heating or as a primary single heat source.

Electrical floor-warming has been available for many years but conventional electrical floor warming cables and mats suffer from a number of shortcomings:-

  • Conventional series resistance heaters can overheat or burnout unless the generated heat is safely dissipated.They are often suited only for use under ceramic tiles or in concrete floor constructions.
  • May be unsuited to wooden or other floor constructions where overheating could occur.
  • It is uncomfortable to lie on floors heated by conventional series heaters due to heat build-up in that area.
  • May cause damage to heavy furniture due to drying out of the wooden structure.
  • Must be supplied in set lengths, areas and power outputs, which may not be ideal for the room size. Cannot be cut down to actual size needed.

Integro's underfloor heating system suffers none of these disadvantages!!!

Integro's intelligent underfloor heating system is suitable

  • For almost all floor coatings (tiles, wood, laminates, plastic)
  • For both dry rooms and wet rooms
  • Can be laid on any floor (plastic, concrete, wood)

Heating cables based on Self regulating Technology.
– A self- regulating floor heating solution automatically adjusts its power and heat output in accordance with the
temperature of the floor. For cold floors, more heat is produced and in warmer areas, less heat is produced.
– This variation in heat and power output is independent of the control system
The control systems can be used for further saving of energy with highly efficient control system.

Avoids overheating • The cable can be closely spaced • Maintenance-free • An intelligent cable - Cannot burnout or overheat • Responds to any part becoming hot by reducing the heat produced at that point • It is effectively self-controlled at every point along its length to prevent overheating • Cut to length, Can be cut to the
exact length needed • New build or retrofit, can be fitted in new buildings or retrofitted over existing floors • Suitable for all rooms - conservatories, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas etc • Self-regulating Responds to localized additional heat losses which makes it an Intelligent Heating system -- The right amount of heat when and where needed.

Image titleCold Outside

  • There is a cold draft near the door or window.
  • The cable senses the need for more heat and increase sits heat output


During the day...Image title

  • The sun heats the floor next to the window.
  • The cable senses the need for less heat and lowers its heat output.

Image titleIntelligent Heat passes the 'Beanbag Test'
Integro's Heating cable is incapable of overheating or burning out. Its power output is regulated according to its localised conditions. In this example of the 'Beanbag test' the Heating cable produces minimal heat in the area where the beanbag is insulating the floor, thereby preventing the cable from overheating. Output from the cable under the wooden floor is less than that under the ceramic tiles, due to the greater thermal insulating effect of the wood.

Easy to design
With Integro's heating cable, design of a system is so easy. Heating may be installed in floors to provide supplementary (or comfort) heating - for example with ceramic tile heating in a heated bathroom. Alternatively, heating may be installed as primary heating, as perhaps in a new conservatory when there is no other existing heating system.

a) Design according to a fixed heating load 
This design avoids the necessity of complex heat loss calculations. It provides for designs, which can deliver up to a
2 nominal 100W/m2 for supplementary/comfort heating and a nominal 150W/m2 for primary heating.The thermostat controls any excess heating load.

b) Design according to calculated heat losses
To make a calculation you will need to determine the area of all the surfaces and then apply the U values for each of the construction materials.
2 Comfort heating will normally require between 75 - 100W/m2; primary heating will normally require between 1002 - 175W/m2, according to the levels of thermal insulation.
Note: Wherever possible, floor constructions should incorporate thermal insulation for maximum efficiency.
Standard accessories: Self regulating heating cable/mats, Junction boxes, Thermostatis control, Termination kits.

Image titleUnder Carpet Heating Mat
Add extra warmth and comfort to carpet with Intregro's carpet heating mat. The mat is non-adhesive mat installed under carpet to provide warmth. Gradual warming of delicate carpet with energy efficiency at 12W/sq. ft. Available in standard sizes and custom designed sizes.

Image titleEnergy efficient Hot Water temperature maintenance System
The hot water in the pipeline from centralized/solar water heating system to usage point generally gets cold due to heat loss , with the result, we get cold water for some time which is left in the pipeline, till the time the hot water from storage tank reaches usage point. We provide heat tracing solution for maintaining the temperature of hot water pipeline which gives the comfort of using hot water at any time you open the tap.

Image title

Image title

Mirror Heating Pad
Get the steam free mirror in minutes. Self-adhesive backing for easy installation to back of mirror. Avoids condensation. Mirror Heat pads are taped to the back of the mirror before hanging. Mirror Heat is connected directly to a standard power outlet.

Towel Warmer
Image titleIntegro's towel warmers are manufactured using quality metals. Thermostatically controlled and designed to fit any budget, our electric operated Towel Warmers are a key addition to any bathroom and are energy efficient..

MOC: SS304, Self- regulating type, burnout proof heating cable used, wattage 250W.

Specialized heating systems for Snowy areas

Image title

Driveway Snow melting, Gutter and roof snow melting, Frost protection of water taps
Snowy winters can be a pain, especially when you have to shovel and salt your driveway, walkway and stairs. We offer a selection of Snow Melting systems that heat driveways and all concrete or pavement around your home, as well as roof and gutter de-icing solutions and portable snow and ice-melting systems.

Image titleInstalling our heavy duty heating cable will give you peace of mind in knowing that your roof will be secure and unharmed by even the harshest winter storms. You can stay comfortable inside and let the pavement do the work for you.
The self-regulating characteristics of the heating tape means that the cable can adjust it’s heat output in accordance with the ambient temperature.

Image titleAs self-regulation prevents overheating, heating cable can even be installed in plastic gutters and with the UV resistant outer jacket, the heating cable is protected from the sun’s harmful rays – thus making it totally durable and reliable.
Our complete frost protection self -regulating heat tracing kits are the perfect solution for preventing pipes and external water supplies from freezing in domestic, commercial and agricultural applications.

Image titleFreeze Protection of Fire Suppression systems with Electric Heat-tracing

Heat Tracing Systems are suitable for Protection of Fire Sprinkler Piping against Freezing.

Where above ground water-filled supply pipes, risers, system risers, or feed mains passing through open areas, cold rooms, passageways or other areas exposed to sub- zero temperatures , the pipe is protected against freezing by heat tracing and insulating covering.

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