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Heating Chamber

Heating Chamber

Special substances used in production often need to be additionally heated or melted before they can be used in the production processes. These heated chambers have been specially designed for such applications.

Many materials require extended heating times for complete and proper meltdown; such as honey, malt extract, waxes, some chemicals, oils, grease, and various pharmaceutical products. This can only be achieved efficiently in heating chambers, heating drum or rooms.

Heating chambers are also used by metal industries for heat treatment, valve manufacturers for temperature testing of valve body, heating and drying moulds.
In addition to adherence to very stringent industrial requirements, safety and reliability with optimized performance is the hallmark of our heating chambers.

The large number of different-sized heating chambers available guarantees the accommodation of differing storage amounts and container sizes. The heating chambers are custom designed as per the requirement of the customer.

The heating capacities are calculated and realized to suit the requirements of the particular application.

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